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Denvers airport hopes to be a worldwide destination of its own
The Denver International Airport hopes to become a worldwide destination in itself in the face of shifting trends in air travel. - photo by Herb Scribner
The Denver International Airport hopes to become a worldwide destination in itself as airports nationwide adjust to shifting trends in air travel, according to the Denver Post.

The Denver airport plans to add a number of new features to draw new customers, airlines and flights to the airport. It also hopes that passengers will connect to the city of Denver, where the heart of downtown is more than 20 miles away from the airport, by adding new amenities and local restaurant options within the airport.

Our primary focus is on passengers first, said Stacey Stegman, the airports vice president of communications, to the Denver Post. We want to make sure we are meeting their needs. But if we can be great for the community as well and be a place where they want to come and spend time, thats a good thing for Denver, and for the whole region.

Stegman admitted that airports are competitive in todays era of travel. Many airports have added new features so that passengers will seek those airports out as the best places to connect with other flights.

Its a competitive field for airports. Its not like were competing for local people to fly out of Denver, she said. We know that we are their hometown airport. But what we are seeing is we compete for people who are connecting, we compete trying to get more flights here. If were offering things that are exceptional and more fun, that makes us more appealing.

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