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Easy ways to lose weight without even trying
You can do more than just diet and exercise. - photo by Chakell Wardleigh
We all would like to lose a couple pounds here and there, but losing weight is something that doesn't happen overnight. Planning a diet and a daily gym routine usually does the trick, but there are other ways to achieve your goal. While weight loss may take some time, these 13 things can speed up the process and give your body the nudge it needs to start shedding that weight.

1. Play a video game

Though it might sound strange, video games can be a great distraction from your junk food cravings. In fact, video games keep your mind focused elsewhere as much as exercise can. The next time you are considering eating three slices of that pumpkin cheesecake in your fridge, switch on Super Mario and play until those cravings pass.

2. Sleep in a cold room

Turning down the thermostat during the night may help you reach your weight loss goals more quickly than you thought possible. According to Web MD, people who sleep at colder temperatures with thinner blankets cause their body temperature to work overtime. The body will shiver and burn more calories through the night. After a month of sleeping in low temperatures, subjects reported lower levels of body fat.

3. Eat dessert for breakfast

Maybe you shouldnt think twice about that donut you want to eat for breakfast. Studies show that eating a sweet treat earlier in the day can reduce your cravings for chocolate and other sweets later on. It also reduces your tendencies to indulge in high-calorie snacks late at night.

4. Clench your fists

When you are in the middle of an intense craving for ice cream or nachos, try clenching your fists for 30 seconds. A series of studies at the Journal of Consumer Research in 2011 showed that clenching a muscle for over 30 seconds can heavily reduce food cravings.

5. Eat things plain

By ordering plain coffee or tea without sugar, you can reduce your drinks calorie count up to 70 calories. Also, either at home or at a restaurant, if you are given bread, dont use butter. Doing this every time will save you thousands of empty calories and help you keep that weight off.

6. Use a smaller plate

By using a smaller plate, you will eat less. You will have less room on your plate to pile on heaping mounds of food. Using a salad plate for your main course will trick your mind that you are actually eating more. Not only will you eat less, but you will eat slower as well.

7. Find an audience

Share your weight or diet plans on a blog or on social media. You are less likely to quit on your goals or indulge in sweets if other people are aware of your weight loss goals.

8. Take photos of your food

Before you eat anything throughout the day, take a photo of it. Doing so will allow you to properly count your calorie intake and will keep you aware of how much and what you have eaten throughout the day.

9. Sleep in

Getting an adequate amount of sleep is not only essential for the rest of your well-being, but it heavily affects your weight. Studies show that those who get less than five hours of sleep every night have reported a 30 percent higher chance of being obese than those who get seven or more each night.

10. Surround yourself with blue

Unlike red, blue is a calming color that relieves stress and anxiety, which can reduce your tendencies to over-eat or indulge in comfort foods. Notice that many restaurants do not have the color blue in their logos; this is because blue is a natural appetite suppressor.

11. Light a vanilla candle while eating

A recent study shows that lighting a sweet smelling candle such as vanilla on the dinner table can fulfill your dessert needs. This sweet aroma and the scent of chamomile may especially help to extinguish any cravings for chocolate.

12. Eat spicy foods

A number of studies have proven that spicy foods can give your metabolism a much needed boost by raising your body temperature. An additional study revealed that participants who ate soup with cayenne pepper ate 30 percent less than those who at the soup without spice.

13. Smell peppermint

The sweet, minty smell of peppermint can convince your body that it doesnt need food when you are having cravings. Peppermint essential oil or even peppermint gum can be incredibly helpful to curb cravings.