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Happy she's my mom, but not that crazy about her advice, survey shows
When 1-800-Flowers asked adult women about their moms, they found amusement, love and a little bit of distance. - photo by Lois M. Collins
The majority of women react positively when told they're a lot like their moms, according to a nationally representative survey that found positive reactions outweighed the negative, 79 percent to 21 percent.

"Proud" and "amused" were nearly tied for first place among responses to the question, at 28 percent and 24 percent. Negative reactions to being compared to Mom came from the 11 percent of women who described themselves as "panicked" at hearing it and the 10 percent who were "embarrassed."

More than a quarter of women described their relationship with Mom as "complicated."

Millennials were most likely of the age groups to describe themselves as "best friends" with their moms, while a third of Gen X and Baby Boomers responded that "it's complicated."

The women were divided on when they'd ask their moms for advice, and it varied by age. No majority said they'd get advice from Mom in any of these categories: home projects, parenting, health, relationships or finances. In fact, the largest crowd was the 25 percent that said "none of these" would be areas where they'd seek a mother's advice.

Still, three-fourths said they'd get their mom's advice on some things. For those 18-24, the largest chunks were health advice and relationships (tied at 21.2 percent), while those 25-39 were more likely to seek parenting advice (28.1 percent). Those older than 40 were apt to ask their mothers for some home project advice.

Home projects, by the way, got the highest ranking overall, at 19.4 percent, followed by parenting (17 percent), and health (14.6 percent). Only 8.6 percent said they'd ask for financial advice.