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Have You Seen This? Dog dreams of trampolines
A new commercial from the UK retailer John Lewis kicks of the holiday season with a simple dream from a dog. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE BACKYARD A new commercial from the UK retailer John Lewis kicks off the Christmas season with a simple dream from a dog.

The retail chain is known for its slightly melancholy yet wholly Christmas commercials that are usually about making a Christmas dream come true. You may remember last year when a man on the moon had his dream of feeling less alone come true or the year before when a stuffed penguin's dream of true love has his dream come true.

This year its the family dogs turn. In the advert, Buster the Boxer is feeling a little blue. It seems that everyone is jumping high into the sky while he is stuck on the sidelines watching. It starts when his little girl jumps on the bed, but the whole scene gets really sad for Buster when he watches a slew of wild creatures jump on the trampoline meant as a present for the little girl on Christmas morning.

Its both funny and a little sad. But hey, its Christmas. Its the time for dreams to come true for all creatures great and small, so Buster doesn't stay sad for long. He gets his day both in the sun and on the trampoline.

I may be posting this video a little late in the game of the cycle of a viral video, but since its never too late to dream, I figured it would be OK just this once. After all, its almost Christmas. (And no, posting this does not mean I am making any effort to skip Thanksgiving.)

As a bonus, check out this video to see a real life boxer making his trampoline dreams come true.