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Have You Seen This? Dozens of pronghorn running down the highway
"You like all those deers? Look at all those deers," a man says to his dog in a video showing a herd of pronghorn running down a Montana highway. - photo by Mary Dalrymple
MONTANA Have you ever woken up on a crisp, clear winter day and been like, "I'm gonna go for a jog!!!"

"Maybe I'll even grab a few of my friends; hey, make it a whole herd, to jog with me!" you say.

Then you and a couple dozen of your closest friends take off for some leisurely stampeding and you're really loving your lives when a pesky human pulls up in a car behind you and starts filming.

"You like all those deers? Look at all those deers," the human will say about you, even though you are clearly pronghorn, according to the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks website (not deer or antelope like the video title says).

That whole scenario would probably look a lot like this video, which was posted to YouTube in December and shows a herd of pronghorn running alongside Highway 41 in Montana. The video is pretty cool and I think you'll enjoy it, despite the debate that apparently surrounds on what to call the creatures in it.