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Have You Seen This? Security cam catches fox vs. owl showdown
A video captured earlier this month shows a fox and owl meeting for a dramatic face-off on a snowy, late night in Canada. - photo by Mary Dalrymple
CANADA In the ultimate battle between fox and owl, who's your pick to win?

To be honest, it's a hard choice for me. Foxes are literally known for being sly predators; but on the other hand, owls have the advantage of being able to fly and can swoop in from any angle.

Fortunately for us, a video out of Ontario, Canada, gives us a sneak peek at what this showdown might look like. Though in this case, the face-off between animals doesn't quite reach "battle" levels, it's still an entertaining look at nature.

The video, captured Jan. 4 at the Cobourg Marina, shows a relatively calm, snowy night interrupted only by a little fox trotting down the lane. But then a shadow seems to appear in the background and as the shadow gets closer and closer, you realize it's actually an owl zooming straight toward the fox. Commence showdown.

The fox and the owl dance around each other a bit, both clearly trying to weigh their odds and size up their opponent. Before anything too intense happens, the fox runs off camera, but the owl follows close behind, which makes me think a fight was imminent.

Anyway, enjoy the video and let me know in the comments below who you think won the inevitable off-camera fight between these two creatures, or if you think it just fizzled out and now the owl and fox are BFFs. My money's on the owl almost winning the fight, but then the fox surrenders and friendship ensues.