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Have You Seen This? Video of mom and daughter will give you hope
No Caption - photo by Angie Treasure
TEXAS A very sweet video is going viral after a mom posted a clip of her getting small reassurances from a daughter she thought she may have lost.

Carla Resendiz of Richardson, Texas, posted the video to YouTube titled "The happiest day of my life," after her 8-year-old daughter Holly suffered an aneurysm, according to the video's caption.

According to a GoFundMe post by Resendiz, Holly suffered an aneurysm that led to a seizure. The young girl had to be flown to a larger children's hospital in the Dallas area for care.

"When she got here," Resendiz writes, "it was touch and go and her chances were unknown. She managed to pull through like the fighter she is."

After an emergency stent was placed to reduce brain swelling, according to the Texas mother, Holly was put under medical paralysis.

"Her lungs and heart are weak and she has a breathing tube and will for a few days," her mom wrote.

However, the family was able to see if Holly was responsive after being taken off some medications, and that moment caught on video is what is touching everyone's heart this Thanksgiving.

Resendiz is understandably thrilled when she realizes her 8-year-old is responding to her voice with nods and hand squeezing.

"Baby, I love you," mother tells daughter in the video. "And you keep fighting, OK?"

"Right now we are taking it one small step at a time and are grateful that our sweet Holly is still here with us," Resendiz wrote in the GoFundMe post.