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Her grandma sends her selfies everyday: 7 things you must do with your grandma before its too late
Do you love your Grandma just as much as your Grandma loves you? Here are seven things you can do to prove that love. - photo by Stacie Simpson
Grandmas are special and loving women. Sierra Sessions grandma doesnt let her forget it. Every single day, Sessions grandma sends her a picture and a text message telling her granddaughter that she loves her.

And Sessions loves it.

Having a good relationship with your grandma can be special and life changing. Here are seven things you should do with your grandma before it is too late:

1. Record her life stories

Have you ever asked your grandma how she felt the day you were born? Or her most treasured memory of your mom/dad? Have you asked her what it was like to live in the past, or what things were most important to her?

Everyone has an amazing story to tell. You will learn a lot about yourself, your parents and the past when you spend time listening and recording her stories. Create an audio and written file. One day, her recorded struggle might help you get through a similar hard time.

She will continue to live on through the record you have kept.

2. Give her a hug and a kiss

She isnt going to be physically around forever. Hold her close and give her a kiss, it might be the last time you can.

3. Tell her you love her

Never leave your grandma in doubt of your love. It means a lot to her when you look her in the eyes and say, I love you grandma.

4. Record her recipes

Dinner at grandmas are the best. Record her recipes and spend a day in the kitchen with her. She will treasure this time, because you show that you appreciate her and the meals she made for you.

5. Send her a hand written letter

Emails and texts are great, but a handwritten letter will mean a lot to your grandma. Take time to sit down and write a legible letter. Tell your grandma about your days and your struggles. She will treasure that letter more than you realize.

6. Ask for advice

Her perspective is unique and helpful. Trust her with your struggles. She might be able to help you in ways that no one else can. She loves you and wants to help.

7. Treasure her time

Always remember your time with your grandma and dont waste it. Her time on earth may be nearing an end. Make every moment matter.

Your grandma is special. If you havent called to talk to her recently, call now. A surprise call will make her day. Love your grandma because she loves you.