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John Stamos defends 'Full House
John Stamos defends Full House.KS
The greasy-haired, motorcycle-riding, Elivs-loving character Uncle Jesse decided he needed to stand up to one Huffington Post blogger who called out his former hit series, "Full House." - photo by ABC/

The greasy-haired, motorcycle-riding, Elvis-loving character Uncle Jesse decided he needed to stand up to one Huffington Post blogger who called out his former hit series, "Full House."
Annelia Alex recently published "The Lies I Learned From Dumb TV" and listed "Full House" as one of the TV series that caused her to have unrealistic expectations in life.
When speaking of the show featuring the Tanner family, Alex complained that in real life she never received the same attention from her parents that Michelle received from Danny.
"By 14 I was bored by dumb sitcoms. They were too far-fetched precisely because they were too predictable," Alex wrote.
"I'm glad no one chased after me when I threw tantrums over Chex Mix. It helped me start to realize the difference between hackneyed fiction and challenging reality."
But actor John Stamos, who played the role of Uncle Jesse, recently came to the show's defense. In a response on Facebook, Stamos agrees that while the show wasn't a perfect example of real life, it did have a positive impact on viewers.
"I get what you're saying, I agree we did some silly unrealistic stuff and maybe it's not the way everyday families are today," Stamos wrote.
"The happiness that these shows have brought to peoples lives — I've felt that more first hand than I'm sure you have. … Also, I bet more good than bad came out of those shows."
Stamos also compared the old ’90s hit to the options that are available to families today.
"If you're lucky enough to have kids, maybe you should have them watch re-runs of Breaking Bad — see how that turns out," Stamos wrote.
The Facebook post was published on May 17 and has 700 shares and more than 15,900 likes. Many fans also commented on the post, expressing their appreciation for the family-friendly show.
"I loved TGIF and watched it every Friday night with my family growing up," Tracie Carrancejie Kelley commented. "Now I watch it with my kids on Nick at Nite. Stick to your guns! That show was about a family who loved each other and that's all the realism it needed!"
"I think the problem now is that we don't have family-friendly shows like 'Full House,' '7th Heaven,' 'Family Matters,' etc.," Mandiee Melissa wrote on Facebook.
"Now we have 'Spongebob,' 'Family Guy,' and many more useless shows. My daughter is four and loves 'Full House,' my entire house still to this day enjoys the show. I don't have to worry about her cursing or learning bad ideas off the show, every episode had a good life lesson."
Other commenters agreed.
"The show is not responsible for people's lives and how they turn out," Karen Gould wrote. "Your show gave us the good that could be in people if they choose. I know it helped shape my kids in the right and wrong of being a good person."