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Loved 'Coco,' but hated 'Olaf's Frozen Adventure?' You're not alone
MAGIC When aspiring musician Miguel (voice of Anthony Gonzalez) finds himself in the Land of the Dead, all he needs to return to the Land of the Living is a blessing from a family member, a magical marigold petal and a promise hes not sure he can make. Directed by Lee Unkrich, co-directed by Adrian Molina and produced by Darla K. Anderson, DisneyPixarsCoco opens in U.S. theaters on Nov. 22, 2017. 2017 DisneyPixar. All Rights Reserved. - photo by Herb Scribner
Pixars new film Coco has swept the nation by storm.

The Disney/Pixar movie, which debuted in theaters last week, earned the top spot at the box office over the weekend, racking up $71.2 million and landing ahead of Justice League, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Hollywood Reporter also stated that the film finished as the fourth-best Thanksgiving opening of all time, sitting only behind other animated films Toy Story 2, Frozen" and Moana."

So far, "Coco" which had some design and development help from a Brigham Young University graduate has a 97 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, for both its rating and audience score. Critical reviews have also been widely positive.

But people still have one problem with the film the 21-minute "Frozen" spin-off short that played prior to the film.

Most Pixar films come with a short movie beforehand. There was 2010's "Day and Night" before "Toy Story 3," "For The Birds" kicked off 2001's "Monsters, Inc." and the singing volcano ("Lava") that played before 2015's "Inside Out" to name just a few. So, a short featuring characters from the extremely popular 2013 film "Frozen" seemed a sure bet.

But Olaf's Frozen Adventure wasn't intended to be a short. It was originally supposed to be a TV holiday show, but, for some reason, Pixar decided to run it alongside "Coco."

And it proved to be a little too much for some. The short, unlike "Coco," has not seen the bright side of a review. It currently has a 42 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

We are creatures of habit, and Olafs Frozen Adventure eventually feels like the grinning house guest who wont leave, even though the party was supposed to clear out long ago, according to The Washington Post. As each successive song in the four-tune reel cues up, moviegoers reactions can be heard to switch from laughing irritation to growing mockery to outright anger.

Social media hounded the short film for its length and inability to sustain audiences' attention.