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New ad campaign reminds women they were born and made beautiful
A new social media campaign #BornAndMade has spread throughout Instagram. - photo by Herb Scribner
The beauty brand Carols Daughter has a new campaign aimed to promote beauty and positive messages about body image among women. Its called the #BornAndMade campaign, and its just as it reads: its purpose is to show women that they were born and made beautiful, according to Yahoo! News.

Using the hashtag #BornAndMade, the campaign asks Instagram users to share images of themselves with their name, where they were born and a personality trait theyre made with. Users are also asked to complete the phrase I am ___s daughter, which actually ties back to the companys beginnings.

"When I needed to come up with a name for our company I decided to come up with a list of things that I was and a list of things I wanted to become, founder Lisa Price said on Carols Daughters Facebook page. I figured I would affirm something wonderful about myself or call into existence something yet to happen to me. So amongst the things that I was and am was Carol's daughter, I was also Robert's daughter, and at the time Hank's secretary and Gordon's girlfriend. I wanted to become Gordon's wife so I didn't want to affirm the girlfriend position so I picked Carol's daughter. It was the one that felt the best, it was the one that made me smile, and that's who I am."

Users can create their own image on the campaigns website here.

But this isnt the only campaign in recent months that has promoted positive messages about female body image. My colleague Kelsey Dallas reported in May about Doves #ChooseBeautiful campaign, which aimed to show that women, even when theyre considered average or normal, should still be considered beautiful.

But while Doves campaign referred to beauty as a choice, Carols Daughters message focuses more on how people are born with what makes them beautiful.