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One of the latest trends for marrying women is ...
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Women are now hiring professional bridesmaids when planning their weddings to make the process go a lot smoother. - photo by Herb Scribner
Planning a wedding can be hard. You have to choose the flowers, the table linens and the food options. Youve got to send out invitations, make the wedding playlist and assure everyones travel arrangements work out.

Naturally, you could use some help.

Now, you can get it. According to CNBC, hiring a bridesmaid is a new trend for marrying women who want a professional to help them plan their wedding. One of the more popular companies is Bridesmaid for Hire, which charges soon-to-be-spouses $2,000 for its services, CNBC reported.

Lets face it, ladies. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to provide decisiveness, problem-solving and leadership in chaotic situations, such as a wedding, Bridesmaid for Hires website reads. Were not here to replace your best friends. Were here to make sure that wedding stress becomes wedding joy among the bridal party.

Bridesmaid for Hires least expensive package includes one-on-one consulting with the company. Services include to-do lists and itinerary planning, according to its website.

This could be a sign of relief for some, though, since another strong trend in the wedding world is bridezilla, which is a nickname for brides who wish to micromanage many aspects for their weddings. Bridezillas, as Lois Collins of Deseret News National reported, often cause problems with their friends, who the bride initially entrusted to plan the wedding.

In fact, one in three bridesmaids have a falling out with the bride after the wedding day, according to a study cited by the UKs Daily Mail.