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Shark from Jaws, Voldemort polling higher than most Republican presidential candidates
The 2016 presidential candidates have some terrifying competition: the shark from Jaws has a higher favorability rating than any of the current bunch, according to a new poll. - photo by Jessica Ivins
The 2016 presidential candidates particularly of the Republican variety have some terrifying competition: The shark from the classic horror film Jaws has a higher favorability rating than any of the current bunch, according to a new poll.

I think we can all agree that no amount of campaigning can overcome those jagged teeth.

If a giant, man-eating fish can destroy the likes of Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee, imagine what Voldemort, Darth Vader and the Terminator could do to them.

The release of the latest (and credible) Washington Post-ABC News survey revealed that across the board, current presidential candidates are falling very low in the world of public opinion. The Washington Post decided to test the theory that the average Internet user feels more affection for some of the worlds greatest (albeit fictional) supervillains than the men and women who might actually lead our country next year.

Turns out, the Washington Post was right.

A (somewhat silly) Google Consumer survey of 1,000 users revealed all four of the villains mentioned above received higher favorability ratings than the three actual men weve mentioned. Just to be clear? One of those villains killed Harry Potters parents.

Mind. Blown.

But theyre not alone.

As it stands, Americans would rather shoot a game of pool with He Who Shall Not Be Named than vote for Rick Santorum, Chris Christie or Donald Trump who, despite that famous hair, came in dead last with a net favorability rating of -56.

The only Republican candidate who might stand a chance against the Dark Lord? Marco Rubio, who has just as many Americans finding him favorable as those who dont dig him. But he still falls behind the Terminator, the aforementioned Great White and Luke Skywalkers dad.

To be fair, its not like the Democrats are faring much better. The real-life poll had Hillary Clinton at a just a 45 percent favorability rating, with 49 percent ranking the candidate as unfavorable. Thats a -4 percent rating overall.

In case you were wondering, the Terminator was crowned king of the villains with a favorability ranking of 20. Remember how Donald Trump received a -56?

Youre fired.

Let's all just hope things look up before November.