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Taylor Swift, Jimmy Fallon appear on dance cams around New York
Taylor Swift and Jimmy Fallon spot themselves on the dance cam time after time in this video from Tuesday night's "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" episode. - photo by Morgan Jones

During her recent appearance on “The Tonight Show,” Taylor Swift and host Jimmy Fallon participated in a skit that spotlighted their dancing moves at various New York sporting events.

During their interview, Fallon confronted Swift about the dancing she's done at events with other friends and said he thought dancing was “their thing.” He reminded Swift that they “used to be famous Jumbotron dancers.”

“Yeah, we used to go to the sporting events in New York and just really just give it our all,” Swift said.

In an effort to show Swift what their friendship used to be, Fallon shared a video.

“We contacted a lot of the arenas around New York, and we got some Jumbotron footage, just random footage,” Fallon said.

Fallon proceeded to show footage from real sporting events, but occasionally Swift and Fallon appeared in-studio pretending to also be on the dance cam. Swift and Fallon rapidly changed from one jersey to the next as they performed classic dance moves and pretended to be part of the old arena footage.

The video was posted Tuesday night and has already been viewed over 800,000 times.