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The Clean Cut: A 4-year-old's knowledge of the solar system is 'Out of This World'
Brielle tells Ellen about the moon. - photo by Noelle Baldwin
Brielle may be a 4-year-old genius. She has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show multiple times, sharing her knowledge about the human skeleton, biology, countries around the world, the periodic table of elements and has now returned to share her knowledge of the solar system.

In the video, Ellen shows Brielle pictures of planets. Brielle then promptly describes each planet and lists several facts about each one. She also talks about how the moon reflects light rather than producing its own and how over 1 million earths could fit inside of the sun if it were a hollow sphere.

Brielle is from Salinas, Calif. and originally appeared with Ellen in November 2015.

Watch the video on YouTube here.