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This map shows which states hear Yanny and which hear Laurel
A new map unveiled where each state falls on the Yanny vs. Laurel debate. - photo by Herb Scribner
A new map shows where each state falls in the Yanny vs. Laurel debate.

The website put together a new map that investigated geotagged Twitter data from this week to see which word was shared most commonly in each state.

As the Deseret News reported, people across the internet debated whether a soundclip played the word Yanny or Laurel. The clip originally played on Reddit before it arrived on Twitter.

The report found there were 830,350 total tweets for Yanny and 844,380 for Lauren.

Laurel edged out Yanny in every state except for New Mexico, South Dakota, Connecticut, Hawaii and Utah, where Yanny led the way.

See the full map here.

The website similarly created a heat map to show where in the world Yanny and Laurel were most popular.

Experts said there are a number of reasons why people hear what they hear when they listen to the clip.

Raul Veiga, CEO of production company Radial Produes, told BuzzFeed News that visual cues could play a role.

"So its actually a very poor-quality recording and the brain gets influenced by what you read first, before you actually hear it. What gets people confused is that its not Yanny or Laurel, its more of a 'Yarel' thing," he said.

But, according to The Verge, its possible to hear both words.

So if your sound card or your ears emphasize both the higher and the lower frequencies, you can toggle between the two sounds, according to The Verge. And changing the sound mix to emphasize higher or lower frequencies might tip you toward Laurel or Yanny.