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Top 25 cities for your familys Memorial Day vacation
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Long work hours and hectic schedules often leave families without time to bond, but a recent survey may have the solution: go on vacation.

The survey conducted by Disney found that families rekindle their bonds while taking a vacation together. Family vacations make families more excited, relaxed and affectionate with each other, which calms any stress between family members and makes them bond again, according to the survey.

"We know vacations are important, but to have parents validate how important vacation time is to their families was insightful," Leslie Ferraro, executive vice president of global marketing for Disney Parks, said in the study. "As we've learned from families who participated in the survey, those moments of quality family time can feel fleeting in our everyday home lives.

Memorial Day weekend, which is just a few days away, is likely your next opportunity to head out on vacation and bond with your family again. Luckily, just released its top 25 destinations for Memorial Day weekend. The cities are ranked by the affordability of hotels, entertainment venues and dining spots.

Memorial Day weekend is typically the first big chance hotels have of luring consumers out of their homes after a long winter, travel editor Brian Ek said in a press release.

Heres a look at the top 25 cities you can head to this Memorial Day.

1. Las Vegas

The average daily room costs $131.22 in Las Vegas, which is a tourist hotbed with the breathtaking Hoover Dam and the vibrant main strip nearby.

2. San Diego

Surf and sun are all the rage in San Diego. Rooms in the Golden States southern crown rest at around $154.49 a day.

3. Orlando, Florida

Orlando has long been a hot tourist destination in America with Walt Disney World and several sports teams in the area. Rooms in Orlando cost $110.85 per day.

4. New York City

One of the worlds most vibrant cities is calling your familys name. Rooms are a little more pricey (around $219.56 a day), but youre in the heart of the Big Apple. Seems like a worthy price to pay.

5. Chicago

Chicagos got history, popular sports teams and breathtaking views to entice any family. The rooms cost $165.54 a day.

6. Orange County, California

Much like San Diego, Orange County has the sun, surf and spectacular views to keep tourists busy for hours. Rooms cost $117.54 per day.

7. Washington, D.C.

The nations capital isnt a bad place to spend a vacation with the family. After all, theres plenty of historical monuments and attractions to check out. Rooms in D.C. cost about $153.82 per day.

8. Miami

Back down in Florida, the lovely Miami offers a great getaway for families this Memorial Day. Beaches, sports teams and the warm weather will make the $180.92 hotel room price tag worth it.

9. San Francisco

San Francisco is a multicultural city thats also an attractive option for tourists. On average, hotel rooms cost $187.22 per day.

10. Los Angeles

The City of Angels will fill up your familys schedule in no time. Head over to the West Coast city this Memorial Day and pay a meager $140.43 per day for a hotel room.

11. San Antonio

San Antonios got some nice weather for your family to enjoy during Memorial Day weekend. And even though everythings bigger in Texas, the average daily price of a hotel room rests at a moderate $115.62.

12. Atlanta

Head down to the southeast and have an enjoyable holiday weekend. It costs $100.65 on average per day for a hotel room.

13. New Orleans

Take it easy in the big easy this coming Memorial Day weekend. The average cost of a room per day is a little pricey ($172.56) compared to other cities, but New Orleans has a unique food culture that will make your stay worth it.

14. Austin, Texas

Love a good music scene and a fun, cultural environment? Austin is the spot for you. Rooms cost $151.66 per day.

15. Dallas

Not too far from Austin, Dallas is also a popular place for tourists. Rooms arent too pricey, either, at $95.34 per day on average.

16. Seattle - Average room price: $133.62

17. Phoenix - Average room price: $96.34

18. St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Ontario - Average room price: $134.27

19. Virginia Beach, Virginia - Average room price: $125.22

20. Denver - Average room price: $109.82

21. Nashville, Tennessee - Average room price: $148.10

22. Monterey-Salinas, California - Average room price: $170.55

23. Houston - Average room price: $113.88

24. Newark, NJ - Average room price: $136.49

25. Buffalo, New York - Average room price: $119.36