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Video shows black bears fighting in neighborhood
Black bears fighting in New Jersey video. - photo by YouTube Capture

ROCKAWAY, N.J. — Two black bears decided to take their quarrel to a New Jersey neighborhood and a passing motorist filmed all the action.

The footage was caught by J. Domzalski on Aug. 14. The 6-minute video shows hair flying as the bears groan, bite, scratch and roll around a neighborhood. The fight begins in a yard close to a house, then the animals roll through some trees and end up in the road.

Domzalski wisely filmed the brawl from the safety of the vehicle, at one point closing the window when the bears got too close. One bear eventually pins the other for several minutes, but it’s unclear which one was the victor.

Either way, the battle for dominance is terrifying and hopefully the bears keep their fight to New Jersey.