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Will Apple announce a new iPhone? Here's what it will probably look like
Gill Armenta leaves the Apple Store after buying an iPhone 7 in Salt Lake City on Friday, Sept. 16, 2016. - photo by Herb Scribner
Apple is expected to announce a new slew of iPhones and a new Apple Watch on Tuesday when it hosts an event from the Steve Jobs Theater in California.

One of the highlights will be the announcement of a new iPhone, which has been billed as a 10th-anniversary phone.

Heres a quick look at what you should expect from this new device. Much of this comes from reports on leaks and rumors.

New iPhones: Apple plans to unveil a new phone, likely called the iPhone Edition or iPhone X. Rumors suggest it could have wireless charging, no home button and facial recognition ID called Face ID. Apple will also reveal new versions of the iPhone 7 models, which will be named iPhone 8 and 8S.

Colors: According to tech blog Toms Guide, the new phone will come in either white, black or gold casings, eliminating rose gold. Other reports suggest there will be silver, black and gold. Theres also rumors of a copper gold.

Face ID: The newest addition to the phone will include facial recognition to unlock your phone. Once the phone captures your face, it will only take one look at your phone to unlock it, CNBC reported.

Wireless charging: Apple will possibly add wireless charging to the device, according to Time.

This is how it would work: You still need to plug your charger into an outlet, then make sure your phone is within range of it. It's that wireless charging eliminates the need to actually plug anything into the phone itself. Instead, you rest the device on a compatible charging mat or pad, making it possible to heft the device when needed without worrying about unplugging first," according to Time.

A bigger screen: In line with Samsung devices, the iPhone X will include an all new edge-to-edge design. There will be a caught out for a selfie camera, sensors and a speaker, The Guardian reported.

Cost: The latest phone will start at $1,000, according to The New York Times. This is significantly higher than the $769 cost of the current iPhone 7 Plus.

Release date: According to The Telegraph, the new iPhone would likely be released a week later, with pre-orders on Sept. 15 and stores on Sept. 22.

Best way to buy: Dont be quick to buy your iPhone from your wireless provider, Tech writer Rob Pegoraro wrote for USA Today. Instead, look to buy it directly from Apple, as you wont be stuck with your wireless company if you find a better deal.

How to switch: Android users interested in the new iPhone will want to read this article from USA Today. Tips include backing up your data, transferring your music and expect to feel major changes in how you use your phone (it will, after all, have a different operating system).

So what should you believe?: There are a lot of rumors out there, according to The Verge. Most believable are ones about a new design and face-scanning camera. New colors, a new shipping date and the elimination of Touch ID are all less likely.

Is there anything cooler?: Tech website Mac Rumors put together a list of things cooler than a new iPhone, including the Apple Watch, Apple TV and AirPods.