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Will Southern families embrace this new flag?
As controversy of the Confederate flag continues, two design companies have created a new take on the Southern flag that could unite Southerners. - photo by Herb Scribner
Theres a new Southern flag design that could bring families together.

The flag, created by both Studio 360 and Redesigns, is a series of red, white and blue stripes, crisscrossed in a pattern that looks like a mix between the American flag and the Confederate battle flag.

The creators said the flag is meant to represent the modern diverse South, and be used as a way for Southerners to celebrate their current culture without relying on the Confederate battle flag, which is called a "symbol of Southern pride" by 57 percent of Americans, CNN reported.

The blue and red stripes themselves represent different people, with unique backgrounds, experiences and values. They are equal to each other, but different in color, the flags presentation document reads. The stripes, representing unique individuals, are woven together, creating a new, beautiful fabrics. This fusion depicts different cultures and perspectives."

The result is a symbol that is patriotic, energetic, modern and tells a positive and relevant visual history of the South," the presentation reads.

See more about the flag in this video:

The call for a redesign isn't surprising. After all, the Confederate battle flag has caused a lot of controversy this year, dating back to this past summer when Dylan Roof, who killed nine people during a Bible study session in Charleston, S.C., was seen embracing the flag.

Since that time, schools, political offices and local Americans have either championed the flag or called for it to be taken down, according to CNN. It's also stirred a nationwide conversation about whether or not the flag should be used.

Theres especially been a divide in the South. Louisiana has had pro-flag rallies, Mississippi voted to keep the flag on its statehouse and Georgia recently created new license plates with the Confederate battle flag.

But South Carolina took down its Confederate battle flag from the state Capitol back in July, and Florida school officials banned students from displaying the Confederate flag on the back of their cars in the school's parking lot.

The Civil War itself featured division among Southerners and their families. As our own JJ Feinauer reported back in April, the Civil War not only had Americans fighting Americans, but also brothers against brothers, fathers against sons and even husbands against wives.

Feinauer gave the example of three brothers Joseph, Samuel and Edmund Hasley. Joseph empathized with the South, while Samuel and Edmond were firmly committed to the Union, historian Amy Mural Taylor wrote in her book The Divided Family in Civil War America.

Similarly, a Kentucky soldier shot his own brother in the war, according to Feinauers report. But brotherly love encouraged him to stay along side his brother throughout the night, Taylor said in her book.

"The confrontation of two brothers on a battlefield, ending in the death of one at the hands of the other, epitomized everything that divided families feared about the Civil War," Taylor wrote, according to Feinauer.

The new flag design shown above hopes to embrace and unite the modern South to help America move forward.