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Yardwork is wonderful exercise for your body and mind
When I am out doing yardwork, the feeling that I get is very similar to how I feel during a long training run. Yardwork is a wonderful form of exercise so grab your gloves and rake, and get out there. - photo by Arianne Brown
On a crisp, cool morning, I looked out my kitchen window onto my view of the Wasatch Mountains as they wrapped around Utah Lake, over to Lake Mountain and its rolling foothills below. My eyes then followed them all the way down to my backyard, which isnt nearly as pretty as the landscape that surrounds it.

As we have just moved into a newly constructed home, our yard is very much a work in progress.

My eyes quickly focused on the tall weeds that occupied the lower portion of our backyard while we were busily working on other parts of our yard.

Minutes later, I was out there with my gloves, rake and shovel, clearing the hundreds perhaps even thousands of weeds. I was like a kid in a candy store loving every minute of it.

I have always loved doing yardwork.

I began mowing the lawn at the age of 9 and would often hurry and do it before my dad or older brother came home. I would jump at any chance I got to trim branches, rake leaves and even pull weeds.

There is something about doing yardwork that makes me forget my worries, putting me in another world where I can let my mind wander or completely clear out as I pull out each root, mow each line, move each rock or rake each pile of leaves.

It's a similar feeling to what I experience each time I head out the door for a long run. With yardwork, I am working step by step toward a goal one that often takes weeks, months or even years to complete. Yet I am able to see the progress along the way.

I am also outside getting an excellent form of exercise, all while enjoying the beautiful earth. There is something so soothing and rewarding about that.

And when Im finished with my work just like when I have crossed that finish line of a race I can look back on all that I have accomplished. This reflection only fuels my desire to do more.

So, if getting out for your morning run, Zumba class or weight training session didnt quite happen, I suggest spending time in your yard. It is most definitely a close second, if not an exact replacement, for what you may have missed out on.