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12-year-old Jenkins, dog winning combo
Wyatt Jenkins had his German short-haired pointer have won four major dog show titles since becoming a team just a few months ago. - photo by Photo by Rick Lott

RINCON — To see 12-year-old Wyatt Jenkins walking the halls of Ebenezer Middle School, you wouldn’t think you were looking at a champion dog show participant. That’s what he is, however — four times over!
“We can’t find anybody that is 12 years old, who has, by himself alone, made his dog a champion,” Wyatt’s mother, Holly, said.
Wyatt’s dog, Beaux, is an 11-month-old German short-haired pointer and he and Wyatt are just about inseparable.
When asked how he got Beaux, Wyatt replied, “I wanted a dog and I liked that breed and she (Holly) found someone on Facebook and her line of dogs has been pretty good so far and, my Mom’s like, ‘Well, if we’re going to get this dog, you’re going to have to do something with it. He’s not going to turn out to be just another random dog. You’re going to have to show it and you’re going to have to work with him a lot.”
They looked for a dog of this breed and ended up having to travel to Ocala, Fla., to get this one. Beaux’s great grandfather, Sherman, is the standard for his breed.
Wyatt’s parents explained that, in most cases involving juniors showing dogs, the dogs have been trained by someone else and are just “showed” by the junior at the event. In their son’s case, even as young as he is, he has been responsible for the dog’s training, which requires a lot of time and effort.
Wyatt has been tutored along the way by Tuesday Hannah of Ellabell. She grew up in the dog world and is just trying to give back to it by offering a junior class once a month.
At the recent show in New Paltz, N.Y., Wyatt won the Winners Dog — he got four points on that last show, making four majors he’s won now.
His mother said, “To be a champion, you have to win two majors and Beaux has won four.”
Holly and Brian (Wyatt’s father) explained that dog show scoring can be confusing. It took them a while to understand how the judging works.
Holly said, “We can’t find anybody that is 12 years old who has, by himself alone, made his dog a champion.”
More than 1,500 dogs were shown in Perry where Wyatt won his first championship. He also won in Tampa, Fla., and he’ll be heading to shows in Ridgeland, S.C., and Greenville, S.C., in the coming weeks.
Holly said they love going to the shows and for Wyatt to be so involved with his dog. She said with pride, “This dog has brought our family together’.
Wyatt and Beaux are aiming for the designation of grand champion, which requires a total of 25 points, with three majors (championships). In addition to grand champion, Wyatt also aspires to be a dual champion, by participating in hunting dog shows.
“I like competition and just being with my dog,” he said. “I really don’t even like going out of town without him. It’s hard.”