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12th Congressional District candidates to appear at forum

In the 12th District congressional race, Republican incumbent Rick Allen and Democratic challenger Francys Johnson will appear in a forum Tuesday, hosted by the Statesboro Herald in Ogeechee Technical College’s main auditorium in Statesboro.

The forum will be broadcast live on beginning at 7 p.m. 

Areas of Effingham County are part of District 12.

Joe McGlamery, president of the Statesboro Herald, will be the moderator of the forum.

During the event, candidates will be given two minutes each to introduce themselves. Then, McGlamery will ask a series of questions relating to their candidacy and issues facing the 12th District, Georgia and the next Congress, alternating in order of who answers a question first. Candidates will have up to two minutes to respond to each question and will be given two minutes each to make a closing statement.

Questions will come from the Statesboro Herald and from members of the audience, who will be given the chance to submit written questions on file cards.