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A walk in the park
City looks at whats ahead for Macomber
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Rincon City Council members and city staff discuss the improvements and what they want to see improved at Macomber Park. - photo by Photo by Pat Donahue

The four fields at the Macomber Park expansion are done, but there is still plenty of work to do on the new phase — and on the older parts of the park.
Rincon City Council members took a walk around the park on a quiet Monday evening, to see what has been done and what they hope to get done.
Council members expressed a desire to replace the sidewalk going into the main entrance of the older section.
Council members also approved spend ing approximately $600,000 to build a new two-lane road off Lexington Avenue behind two of the older fields to a parking area. Much of the cost will be for the piping needed for the access road to the parking lot, and the path will end in two paved parking areas.
The city also has bought five lots and some undeveloped land from the adjacent Smithfield subdivision to accommodate the additional parking.
One of the chief issues was restrooms, specifically, the inadequate number and condition of the existing facilities.
City recreation director Mike Osborne said youth sports organizations have expressed a desire to hold tournaments at Macomber, but the lack of available restrooms could be a problem.
“We’re going to have problems with not having enough restrooms,” he said.
There also are safety improvements to the older section council members want to make, specifically adding safety netting to protect crowds from foul balls leaving the playing field. Rincon officials discussed possibly moving the playground, which is between two playing fields, or finding ways to prevent foul balls from entering.
“We haven’t had the situation where someone at the playground has been hit by a foul ball,” said council member Paul Wendelken, who pushed for additional safety measures.
Concerns about the area between the playground and field 3, where players warm up before games, were aired, as those warmup sessions could conflict with spectators walking from the old section of the park to the newer fields.
City officials also compiled a list of other improvements to be made at both sections of the park, including bleacher covers at the new fields. There are plans for a scorers/concession building on a 40 feet by 40 feet plot.They also discussed what to do with the current concessions building and pavilion at the park and what to do with a small utility building that is used sparingly, except providing a space in which game officials can change clothes.