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Advanced voting underway
House District 161 candidates urge citizens to cast ballots

 RINCON — Georgia House District 161 candidates Bill Hitchens and Adam Bridges have avoided the kinds of personal attacks that have become prevalent in today’s politics.

After spending months talking about issues instead of each other, it’s finally time for the rubber to hit the high road. Early voting for the Nov. 6 general election is underway.

“I urge people to get out vote and I hope they will vote for me,” Hitchens said.

Hitchens, a 71-year-old Republican incumbent, is disappointed in the current level of political discourse in the state and nation. 

“I hate to see it,” he said, referring to inflammatory rhetoric and acts of intimidation on the parts of protesters and some elected officials.

A return to political civility has been a focal point of Bridges’ campaign since its inception. The 41-year-old Pooler business owner said he will do more listening than talking if he defeats Hitchens.

Bridges remains undeterred even though he has had a few Republican doors closed in his face while campaigning. He said he has visited 5,000 district homes.

“Overall, I’m getting a warm reception,” he said. “... When they realize that I am a candidate running to be their representative, they are like, ‘Huh! I’ve never had a candidate come to my door before to hear my concerns.”

Bridges’ bipartisan campaign theme plays off his last name: “Building bridges toward a better tomorrow.”

“It’s not about the party,” he said. “It’s about the individual who is going to represent you.”

Hitchens has Democrat friends, including some members of the House of Representatives. He warned, however, that gun ownership and low tax rates will be in peril if they gain power in the state.

“This is the most significant gubernatorial election (Democrat Stacey Abrams vs. Republican Brian Kemp) in my lifetime,” Hitchens said.

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