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Alleman eyes return home
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Little Brayden Alleman is expected to return home soon.

Alleman, age 6, has endured chemotherapy, bone marrow tests and much more.

Jennifer Bendetti, a family friend, said he has been released from Emory Hospital in Atlanta and that his doctors say Alleman is 100 percent in remission from his leukemia. “The fourth round of chemo was experimental,” she said. “It had never been tried before on a child or a child with his condition, but nothing else was working.”

Bendetti said the hospital asked Alleman’s mother Karen if she was willing to try the experimental treatment.

“She said, ‘yes, of course. We want to do anything we can to save him.’ It’s just really amazing that it worked and he’s doing so well,” Bendetti said.

Alleman has now had his chemo port removed and has been taken off of most of his medications. The hospital staff said he is six months beyond where he should be in his recovery.

He still has to try to stay in germ-free environments and so is still in semi-isolation. In spite of that, he has regrown his hair and has even been able to swim, play baseball and go fishing.

Since Alleman still has to try to avoid being exposed to germs, it’s not clear exactly when he will return home.

Bendetti also said that Alleman really enjoys school and church and that he has been able to keep his grades up as straight As and is on schedule to complete first grade this year. She said his biggest disappointment was not being able to go to church to celebrate Easter this past Sunday, but that he celebrated by watching the Easter sunrise.

She said he gave thanks and praise for the doctors and everyone who had helped in recovery. She said Brayden is very thankful to be alive.

“His recovery is nothing short of a miracle,” Bendetti said.

Alleman’s family still has a lot of medical expenses and anyone in the community who would like to help out can make donations at the Bank of America for the Brayden Alleman medical fund.