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Candidate profiles: District Attorney
hall martha
Martha Kirkland Hall

Martha Kirkland Hall

Family: Husband, Mike Hall; children, Brandi Hall, 26; Michael Hall, 25; Sam Hall, 23; Joshua Hall, 21; Ashley Harrison, 20; Cody Kirkland, 18; Clay Kirkland, 17; Chris Kirkland, 8.
Age: 43
Occupation:  Attorney for 18 years, partner at Hall and Kirkland, PC.
Place of birth/how long have you lived in Effingham County: Born at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Jacksonville, Fla./have lived  in the circuit in Screven County for the past 18 years and have had my business in Effingham since 2005.
Previous political experience (what other offices have you held or run for): Municipal Court Judge of Newington and Oliver and Solicitor General of Screven County since 2003.
Briefly explain why you are running for office: I am running for the office of District Attorney for several reasons. First, because I was asked to do so by members of local law enforcement and certain local attorneys because of difficulties they were having with the District Attorney’s office. Second, the local communities have given so much to me during my career in private practice, I felt it was time to use my vast experience and training in service back to the communities. Third, my own personal experience with the current District Attorney’s office revealed a severe lack of efficiency and training in certain areas. I believe I can address all areas of concern.
List your top three objectives/priorities for the next four years:
1) To establish a specially trained group of attorneys to try all cases involving crimes against children.
2) To establish set office hours for the district attorney in Effingham County to  provide greater accessibility to the citizens, law enforcement officials and victims of crime.
3) To personally participate in the trial of any murder case.

Richard Mallard

Family: Wife, Janet, married 27 years; children:   daughter, Christie 24; son Rob, 22, daughter,  Anna 17.
Age:  56
Occupation:  Ogeechee Judicial Circuit District Attorney
Place of birth/how long have you lived in Effingham County:  I was born in Houston, Texas.  My father was from Savannah.   Since 1988, my wife and I have lived and raised our family in Statesboro.
Previous political experience (what other offices have you held or run for):  Elected to Ogeechee Judicial Circuit District Attorney three times - special election in November 2002, and general elections in 2004 and 2008.
Briefly explain why you are running for office:  I want to continue to serve the people of Effingham County and  the other counties in the Ogeechee Circuit as District Attorney.  I have served as a prosecutor in this office for the past 21 years. I have dedicated most of my professional career to public service as a prosecuting attorney.  Advocating on behalf of victims is one of the most rewarding aspects of being District Attorney.  This has always been rewarding work.  I am dedicated to protecting the citizens of the Ogeechee Circuit which includes, Effingham, Screven, Bulloch, and Jenkins counties.  I, along with the others who serve in this office, want to help make our communities as safe as possible.  This is where I live and have raised my own family.
List your top three objectives/priorities for the next four years:
1) I will continue to provide effective prosecution and victim services in light of state and local budgetary issues
2) I will continue to upgrade technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness and to make the best use of taxpayer dollars.  We have always been progressive when it comes to technology in this office.
3) I want to continue to recruit and retain high-quality, professional prosecutors, investigators and support staff.  We have had very little turn-over throughout the years and have been able to keep experienced  attorneys and staff, which is always beneficial to the people we serve.