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Chamber board issues statement about TSPLOST approval
Effingham Chamber of Commerce

SPRINGFIELD -- The Effingham County Chamber of Commerce’s board of directors wish to commend the county’s voters on their approval of a new county-level Transportation Special Project Local Option Sales Tax, or TSPLOST. The one-cent sales tax will begin being collected in April 2021 and is expected to provide up to $45 million over five years.


The chamber board supported a TSPLOST, believing the county had a critical need for stable funding for road repairs and improvements. It urged the county Board of Commissioners and cities to place the referendum before Effingham voters.


Board Chairman Ryan Thompson said, "We are grateful to all the elected officials and staff whose efforts, collaboration and support made the referendum possible, particularly County Manager Tim Callanan, Chairman Wesley Corbitt and the county Board of Commissioners. Thanks also to Rincon City Manager John Klimm, Mayor Ken Lee, and City Council; Springfield City Manager Matt Morris, Mayor Barton Alderman and City Council; and Guyton City Manager Bill Sawyer, Mayor Russ Dean and City Council.


CEO Andrew Cripps added, “Thanks to Thomas and Hutton, Hussey Gay Bell and Effingham Magazine for supporting the chamber’s TSPLOST information campaign. Special thanks also to former Guyton and Springfield City Manager Brett Bennett for his valuable contributions to the effort, as well as to county and city engineering departments and Spatial Engineering.


“We look forward now to better roads for Effingham County, and the benefits to residents and businesses.”


The Effingham County Chamber of Commerce is a member-driven organization focused on business advocacy and sustainable economic growth in our region. For more information, call (912)754-3301, e-mail, or visit