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Changes coming to Olde Effingham Days
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The Olde Effingham Days festival is losing a day but gaining a parade.

Springfield City Council unanimously approved a parade permit for this year’s festival, to be held on April 13. The annual festival in Springfield is scaling back this year to a Saturday festival instead of a Friday night and all-day Saturday event.

Olde Effingham Days representative Craig Johnson told Springfield City Council that, “In doing away with Friday, I kind of wanted to add something different, and the committee was on board with that. So the idea of a parade came up.”

The parade down Laurel Street is tentatively scheduled to start at 9:30 a.m., Johnson said.

Councilman Charles Hinely asked Johnson why the festival is being shortened from two days to one.

“Money,” he said. “Money and participation, as far as people on-board helping.”

Along with the addition of the parade, Johnson said a number of OED stand-bys will be back this year, including the car show and the Effingham Idol showcase of local middle school and high school singers.

He added that the Tams will perform this year’s headline concert on Saturday night. The festival will conclude around 9:30 p.m., Johnson said.

Hinely said he would “hate to see (the festival) go the opposite way” of getting smaller rather than larger, but acknowledged that “you gotta have money and people.” Johnson is hopeful the parade will boost Olde Effingham Days attendance.

“We’re figuring the parade might bring a lot more people out earlier, stay a little longer, maybe come downtown and shop a little bit, and come back later that night for the final show,” Johnson said. “But, no, I don’t want to see it go the other way, either. I think it’s a good festival and it kind of brings the whole county together.”