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City looking at buying re-use sprayfield land
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The city of Rincon is in negotiations to purchase property to use as a re-use sprayfield. They are hoping to close the deal within the next several weeks.

Over the past years, the city has conducted a study to determine the most feasible manner to handle its reuse water. During this period, the city began and completed an upgrade of its wastewater treatment facility to be able to treat its wastewater to a cleaner level, which meets or exceeds environmental mandates by both the state and federal governments. The reuse water can be safely used by agricultural, residential, commercial, and industrial customers for irrigation, and certain other purposes.  

Both state and federal environmental protection agencies have mandated that there be a reduction in the amount of treated wastewater discharged into the Savannah River and its tributaries in order to protect the environment. In addition to discharge reductions, the utilization of re-use water for irrigation and other purposes will reduce the use of ground water from the region’s aquifers, which has been a hot button issue for the past several years.  

The study also determined that the installation of re-use water line infrastructure to end users would be necessary, and that a sprayfield discharge of the re-use water would present an immediate benefit to the environment.  So the city began a search for property that would be economically feasible for the city to undertake this project.  

Rincon is not alone in this effort, as all governmental bodies have undertaken similar studies and actions to comply with the federal and state mandates. Several governmental groups have already purchased property for use as sprayfields.

However, these undertakings are expensive because of the cost of property and the cost to extend the infrastructure to the sprayfield. For instance, one group was able to purchase approximately 100 acres for $2 million to be used as a sprayfield.

Rincon recognized that this type of undertaking will be costly, but at the same time will be advantageous for the environment and future generations.

As part of the study, Rincon has identified a piece of property that it believes will be perfect for this type of project and be both economically advantageous and environmentally beneficial. Rincon began negotiations with the property owner and is very hopeful that a purchase of the property will be consummated within the next several weeks.