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City pushing ahead on EIP grant for new Kroger
work 1
Work is under way preparing the site for the planned new Kroger marketplace. - photo by Photo by Pat Donahue

As trucks roll in and out of the site for the planned new Kroger, the city of Rincon is taking steps to help the process.

City council members approved a resolution to submit an application for an employment incentive grant from the state Department of Community Affairs.

The grant will “improve the housing and living conditions for low- and moderate-income residents of Rincon,” said city planner LaMeisha Kelly.
The city also had been waiting on additional traffic information from engineers to complete the grant application.

Employment incentive grants are used in conjunction with private financing for projects expected to employ people in low- to moderate-incomes. If the state does not award an EIP grant to Rincon, the city will pay $100,000 for construction improvement and $50,000 in in-kind contributions to the public right-of-way.

The city previously asked the state Department of Transportation to install a “stop-and-go” light at Brentwood Drive and Highway 21. Traffic estimates for the new store call for a volume of 25,000-30,000 vehicles a week. The current store generates about 18,000-20,000 vehicles a week.

Kroger will build a 113,000 square foot store to replace the current 44,000 square foot store at Highway 21 and Silverwood Drive. Kroger purchased 19.11 acres for the coming store. It leases the property where its current store is.

Construction of the new Kroger is expected to take about a year.