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Cops make handful of drug arrests
Deputies pursue three unrelated cases
Jamey Lee Brown
Jamey Lee Brown of Rincon - photo by Photo submitted

Five individuals were arrested by the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office over the span of two days for drug-related crimes.

Annastasian Ayer, 19, and her boyfriend Jamey Brown, 29 were arrested at their address on Rincon-Stillwell Road in Rincon on May 17 for manufacturing marijuana. They allegedly had 22 plants in their possession.

On Friday afternoon, investigators arrested Christopher Lovejoy, 23, at his residence on High Bluff Road in Rincon for manufacturing marijuana and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime. He allegedly had 45 plants in his possession.

Travis Williams, 27, of Savannah and Pernell Ross, 36, of Guyton were arrested Friday night at Ross’ address on Central Avenue in Guyton for sale of cocaine. In addition, Williams was charged with obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

All five suspects are incarcerated at the Effingham County Jail.

Captain Mike Bohannon, investigations commander at the sheriff’s office, pointed out that the suspects are not connected. From a combination of surveillance and undercover work, investigators were able to arrest the suspects. They began serving warrants for arrests in the last six days.

Bohannon mentioned that two more arrests were pending for drug-related crimes.

Asked if there has been an increase in drug crimes in the last year or so, Bohannon answered, “About the same. We’re seeing more property crime than drug crimes.”

However, he added that the two go hand-in-hand since people on drugs will steal to supply their habit.