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County moves to curb dumpster parking
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Effingham County commissioners have approved a change to their parking of trucks and trailers ordinance that will prohibit dumpsters from being placed on county roads.

Commissioners approved the second reading of the ordinance amendment at their Jan. 19 meeting, following the first reading and approval at the Jan. 5 session.

The change was brought forth over concerns of dumpsters and portable storage units placed on county-owned and maintained streets. They were seen as not only potential traffic hazards but also potentially damaging the pavement.

“We’re trying to keep them off the asphalt,” said Commissioner Phil Kieffer.

Initially, county staff proposed prohibiting dumpsters and temporary storage units from publicly-maintained rights-of-way. But they

“They could put dumpsters in the yard and be in the right-of-way and not necessarily hurting anything. That wasn’t the intent,” said County Administrator Toss Allen. “It may make more sense to say roadways rather than right-of-way. The intent is to prevent damage to the roadways and impeding traffic.”

Commission Chairman Wendall Kessler, a homebuilder, said dumpsters placed on construction sites often are in the right-of-way. The purpose of the reworked ordinance, he said, is to prevent damage to pavement or the curb.

“It actually makes it a little more stringent,” Commissioner Vera Jones said of the amendment.

The ordinance amendment, though under the heading of parking of trucks and trailers, does not alter the current provisions on the parking of tractor-trailers on county streets, Jones noted.