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County says no to possible landfill
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Effingham County commissioners voted unanimously Nov. 3 to reject a memorandum of understanding from a sanitation company regarding the Grandview tract.

Atlantic Waste put forth a MOU for the county that would have led to a study to see if the land was suitable for a landfill. The company would have paid $7 million for the entire tract.

County commissioners paid the Old Augusta Development Group $7 million for 471 acres off Fort Howard Road, settling a five-year-old lawsuit before it went to trial.

“The board took a vote to reject that MOU,” said commission Chairman Wendall Kessler. “That MOU had things in it I wasn’t happy with, either. That officially puts that issue to rest, unless we get an offer from someone else or get a different offer.”

Commissioner Vera Jones said that if the county entered into an agreement, she would want public hearings and get citizens’ input.

“I am personally not in favor of a landfill on that property,” she said before the board’s vote.

Kessler said other groups, including land conservancy groups, have expressed interest in part of the Grandview tract, particularly the low-lying areas.

“As of right now, I don’t have any other offers on the table,” the chairman said. “I want to sell it or do something with it to get our money back to some party or some interest that I hope would be an asset to the county.”

Commissioners discussed the MOU in executive session before adding it to the regular agenda and taking their vote in open session.