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Sheriff Report for July 3, 2024
police light


Aaron Hampton, Brittany Lane – criminal trespass

Timothy Snyder, Old Augusta Road/Mill Pond Road – driving without insurance, suspended registration, wanted person in Chatham County for “failure to appear.”

Aslan Nichole Leiby-Redden, River Oak Drive – public drunkenness.

Taylor Jimenez, Goshen Road – speeding in excess of posted speed limit, wanted person in Effingham County for “failure to appear.”

Katrina Myrick, Go Cart Road – simple battery, family violence.



Highbluff Road – a man reported that he had an argument regarding shared land with his father-in-law who threatened him.

I-16/Effingham County line – a woman reported that her husband, who is separated from her, was chasing her on the freeway, yelling at her, honking the car horn and demanding that she pull over. She wanted the incident documented for court.

Hwy 21 – a man reported that a trailer valued at $6,000 was stolen and its air tag is pinging from Hardeeville, SC.

Arnsdorff Road – a woman reported that she and her husband had a domestic dispute that turned physical.

Fourth Street Ext. – a woman reported that her son’s girlfriend started sending her threatening texts, such as, “I hope you have top flight security and when you leave your house make sure your gun is loaded and the safety is off.”

Linton Lane – a woman called to report that her roommate had removed her access to the residence even though she was told she had 30 days to remove her items and move out.

Deerfield Road – a woman reported that after paying for an Air BnB in Sanford, North Carolina, for the July 4 weekend, the owner has blocked her from Facebook and she is unable to reach them by phone.

Plantation Drive – a woman reported that her neighbor was inciting a riot. Deputies found no evidence of that claim.

Courthouse Road – a man reported that an unknown person may have opened a credit card account using his personal information.

Watson Mill Road – a man reported that contractors working on his driveway cut wires to Georgia Power even though they had been shown where the wires were and to not cut there.

Mockingbird Drive – a woman reported that an unknown person came into her yard sometime during the night and cut the flowers in her garden.

Hwy. 21/Westwood Drive – a man reported an incident of road rage concerning another while male driver in a white vehicle with orange lettering who yelled at the man and threw a beer bottle at him which hit his truck.

Hwy 80 – a business owner reported that a client was being disorderly and refusing to leave after services had been rendered.

Bluejay Road – a woman reported that the company her contractor hired to pour her driveway had changed the invoice from the contractor’s name to her name. The woman stated that the invoice should have been paid by the contractor since he hired the cement company. The man from the cement company was threatening to come “destroy” her driveway for nonpayment of the $10,595.70.

McCall Road – a Dollar General employee reported that she has had “on-going issues” with her manager and coworker.

Midland Drive – a man reported that his girlfriend was following him around the house and threatening him while he was trying to gather his things so he could leave.

Bellflower Circle – the property manager for an HOA reported a damaged sink in the restroom of the subdivision clubhouse. He showed deputies video footage of three male juveniles using their bodies to break open the door around 2:30 a.m. The sink was not damaged the day before.

Benjamin Gnann Road/Keiffer Road – a man reported significant damage to a Georgia Power pole, caused possibly by being struck by a car. GP is going to replace the pole and needed documentation of the damage.