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Sheriff's reports
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July 2
Incident: Burglary
City: Rincon
The Habitat for Humanity Restore was burglarized on two different days. Four rolls of residential copper electrical wire, valued at $320, were taken.

July 3
Incident: False imprisonment/kidnapping
City: Rincon
Two witnesses said that they saw a male pull up in a pickup truck behind a Ford Mustang. He got out of the car and walked over to where a female was and proceeded to grab her. He then pulled her back to her vehicle. She was kicking and telling him she was not going with him. Undaunted he opened the door of the Mustang and pushed her inside. Still kicking and yelling, the female threw the car keys out the door. The offender picked up the keys and pushed her into the passenger seat. He drove to their house and made her get out of the car and go inside. According to the victim, he pushed her down on the sofa and put a knife to her neck, telling her he would kill her. After about five minutes, he calmed down and drove her to her sister’s house. The offender fled by foot.

July 9
Incident: Battery
City: Eden
Complainant said that some troublesome juveniles were standing in the road and he told them to leave. One of the juvenile offenders came to the complainant’s property and jumped his juvenile son. The offender beat the victim in the face with his fist and hit him in the back of his head while his face was to the ground causing his eye to burst open. The victim had blood all over his face when the deputy arrived. The victim needed several stitches above his right eye. The offending juvenile was located, arrested and taken to jail. His probation officer instructed officers to release him to his parent.

July 11
Incident: Criminal damage to property in first degree
City: Guyton
Complainant said that he’s been having problems with juveniles breaking into the construction site. One morning he noticed the crystals to one of his 2003 Kamatsu bulldozers were broken. The crystals are worth about $2,000. According to the complainant, the juveniles are entering the site on four-wheelers and mudbogging in the area.

July 11
Incident: Operating restrictions for off-road vehicles/habitual violator
City: Bloomingdale
The deputy saw the offender driving a green E-Z Go golf cart northbound on the shoulder of Zeigler Road. He proceeded to drive on the roadway. The deputy later found him at a residence on Paddock Drive and informed him of driving his golf cart on a public road and operating a motor vehicle while being declared a habitual violator. The driver replied that operating his golf cart on a public road is not a state law, but a county ordinance and that other law enforcement officers had seen him drive his golf cart and said nothing about it. After confirming with dispatch that the offender was still declared a habitual violator, the deputy arrested him and took him to jail.

July 13
Incident: Terroristic acts
City: Bloomingdale
The complainant’s truck was shot after his son and the offender got into an altercation over some fake Loricet that was sold to a friend. The deputy noticed a flat tire and three entrance holes in the left door. There was also a mark on the left door trim that resembled a glancing shot. A bullet hole was in the windshield on the lower left side. The incident was turned over to criminal investigations.
— Compiled by
Ralna Pearson

July 8
Incident: Theft by taking
City: Rincon
Three hundred feet of copper tubing and two copper coils were stolen from lot 22 in Kate’s Cove.