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Cycle shop to relocate
Custom motorcycle builder moving from Rincon to Springfield
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The Springfield City Council has approved a business license for a custom motorcycle shop to open in the former NAPA Auto Parts building.

Co-owner Steve Harrell said the business will sell everything from bikes to clothing.

“Anything that’s associated with motorcycles,” he said.

The rear portion of the building will be used to build the custom bikes and the front part will be used for display.

“We’re just looking for a new home since we got kicked out of Rincon,” Harrell said. “I didn’t want any kind of misunderstandings and to end up being shut down.”

Council member Kenny Usher asked if Harrell and co-owner Jeff Taylor were familiar with the new downtown zoning ordinance and the requirement that no vehicle be parked outside for more than 72 hours.

Harrell said other than customers, the only motorcycle that would be parked outside would be the one he would ride to work.

“I just don’t want any misunderstanding about what I want to rent the shop to do,” he said. “I want to have a grand opening, have people here bring people into Springfield to our shop.”

Harrell said in Rincon, he was surrounded by neighbors in a residential area and none of his neighbors heard him working.

“There is noise associated with it, but I don’t think that you would hear that outside the shop,” he said.

Harrell said there would be painting of motorcycles at the shop. He said he would primarily be powder coating and one of the most expensive paint jobs he does is $8.