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Deal forms Ebola response team
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Gov. Nathan Deal has signed an executive order to create an Ebola response team, which will assess current state health and emergency management procedures and produce necessary recommendations to minimize any potential impact of the disease in Georgia.

“Rest assured, Georgia is taking the threat of the Ebola virus seriously,” Deal said. “The creation of this team is an additional step in the state’s response to this disease and will further our efforts to ensure the safety and quality of life for our citizens. By combining the expertise of the health and research communities with our state agencies, Georgia will be uniquely positioned to combat the risks of Ebola should the need arise. Those who have been chosen to serve on the panel are leaders in their respective fields — specifically Emory University Hospital, which has remained at the forefront of our nation’s response to this infectious disease. We are taking every necessary precaution to alleviate fear within our communities and make certain Georgia stands prepared.”

Members of the response team include: Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, commissioner of the state Department of Public Health; Dr. William Bornstein, chief quality and medical officer at Emory Healthcare; Susan Grant, chief nurse executive at Emory Healthcare; Nell Hodgson, associate dean of Woodruff School of Nursing; Frederick Quinn, professor of infectious diseases at the University of Georgia; Maj. Gen. Jim Butterworth, adjutant general of the Georgia Army National Guard; Miguel Southwell, general manager of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport; Michael Geisler, chief operating officer of the city of Atlanta; Scott Kroell, CEO of Liberty Regional Medical Center; Courtney Terwilliger, chairman of the Georgia Association of Emergency Medical Services; Brenda Rowe, associate professor of Georgia Baptist College of Nursing at Mercer University; Jody Barrow, president of the Georgia School Superintendent Association; and Dr. Doug Patten, chief medical officer of the Georgia Hospital Association.

“I’m confident that their combined talents and experience will allow them to effectively examine state preparedness and provide all necessary recommendations,” said Deal.