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Deloach to seek re-election
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SPRINGFIELD — After serving on the Effingham County Board of Commissioners for more than three years, Jamie Deloach remains as committed to the job as ever. His resolve is so strong that he has already announced his intent to seek a second term representing District 3.

The qualifying dates are March 5 and March 9.

Deloach thinks he has made lots of headway toward his initial commission goal.

“I just don’t think we had as much communication there as we needed,” he said. “I heard people complain that they didn’t feel like their voice was being heard or they weren’t getting the answers that they wanted. That’s one thing I tried to strive for was calling everybody back.
“When I ran (the first time), I told everybody I wasn’t going to sit there and lie to them and tell them I could solve every problem but I could definitely call them back and communicate with them.”

Deloach’s immediate concern these days is the state of coal ash roads in his district in the northern part of the county. Many of them crumbled in icy conditions earlier this month.

“We’ve done some improvements to some of the roads but we definitely have more work to do,” he said.

See the Jan. 24 edition of the Effingham Herald for more details.