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Earth Day Festival draws enthusiastic crowd
Insect Parade participants
Guyton Planning and Zoning board member Mike Gerwig dressed up as a giant praying mantis for the Insect Parade. The parade was part of the festivities for the second-annual Earth Day Celebration at the Spring Sale on the Trail. The costumes for the parade had to have an earth-friendly theme and be constructed of earth-friendly or recycled materials. Pictured with Gerwig from left, are Rita Elliott, Nubia Brady (bee), and Maggie Kelly (daisy) Elliott and Kelly were the co-organizers of the Earth Day Festival. (Photos by Birk Herrath/Effingham Herald.)

Co-organizer of the second-annual Earth Day Festival in Guyton Rita Elliott believes the event was a big hit. The Earth Day Festival was held in conjunction with the Spring Sale on the Trail April 20.

"Effingham County residents care deeply about current, pressing environmental issues in our county, as evidenced by more than 1,330 visitors who attended the Earth Day Festival, co-sponsored by Effingham Georgia Green (EGG) and the City of Guyton,” Elliott said.

Sale on the Trail crowd 2024
More than 1,300 people attended the Sale on the Trail/Earth Day Festival April 20.
“Visitors participated in hands-on activities and immersive experiences to learn more about the challenges we face from water-, air-, and sound pollution due to the lack of smart growth,” Elliott added. “They saw a hive of honeybees in action, got free seeds and plants for pollinators, learned about environmental programs and organizations in the community, discovered ways to stay healthy, were invigorated with live music, and had a delightful and educational experience on a beautiful day on the downtown Guyton Trail.”

Elliott added that people expressed their appreciation as well as a strong desire to have policy makers and residents take more decisive, successful steps to preserving and increasing the natural greenspace and waterways in Effingham County.