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Effingham Board of Education raises taxes 10 percent
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The Effingham County Board of Education voted unanimously Thursday night to raise property taxes 10 percent.At one time, the board was considering raising taxes 13.13 percent before deciding to hold two public hearings on the issue, which took place on June 7 and Thursday.

Dr. Randy Shearouse, Effingham County Schools Superintendent, recommended to the board that they raise the millage rate to 17.5 mills instead of 18 mills, thus created the 13 percent increase.

Shearouse explained that with the millage rate being lower, the district would be short $1.2 million in meeting its expenses.

While the shortage is no small amount, the deficit can be made up with increasing collections from the Ad Valorem Tax and by using reserve funds.

Before this year, the board had not raised property taxes since 2007.