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Jacoby Jones
Jacoby Jones - photo by Photo submitted

SPRINGFIELD — Jacoby Jones said he wants to be the voice for others in Effingham County Board of Education District 3. He has lived in the district nearly all his life.

 “I understand that the board is there for the community and to pursue a vision for local schools, and we’re there to reflect the needs of the students, the wishes of those who voted for me, so that’s pretty much the reason (that I’m running),” Jones said.

His background includes a master’s degree in business. He works in the business department of a hospital in Savannah and has been a youth pastor for 10 years, spending some time as a substitute teacher in Effingham County. 

Jones has two children, including one set to start pre-K in August. 

“So it’s important to me, to be a part of the board, because I have children that are going to come through this school system,” Jones said. “If anybody asks me, I tell them the Effingham school system is the best in our area.”

Jones said he thinks that Assistant Superintendent Dr. Yancy Ford, set to become superintendent in July, might be well served by having new board members. The District 2 seat is also up for grabs.

“Having new sight, new vision, new opinions, new vision will be something that this community desperately needs for what is to come for our education of our children,” he said.

A product of Effingham County schools, Jones said he’s seen wonderful changes in the system, including the STEM Academy and advanced learning. He said he foresees a lot more of the interactive approach, not only at the STEM Academy but in the system as a whole.

Jones also discussed the district’s burgeoning enrollment. 

“With the growth that we’re getting, we have to be prepared to meet those needs,” he said.

Jones noted that a Dollar General store is coming to Clyo and wondered if that area might eventually become a mini Springfield. He also stressed that he will be fully accessible to his district by email or other means. He said the board needs to have people on it who are advanced in technology and who can reach out to the district through social media.

“If I am elected as District 3 representative, I’m going to hit the ground running,” he said.

Jones said he would set up times to meet people from his district and give them time an opportunity to talk about issues they might have. He thinks his background as a youth pastor has helped him to understand how to listen.