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Effingham County delegation visits South Korea as guests of Sewon Group
Effingham County delegation to Sewon
Officials from Rincon, the IDA, and Effingham County traveled to South Korea May 5-11 as guests of Sewon Group. Pictured from left are: Rincon Mayor Pro-Tem Kevin Exley, Swaid Rahn, Brandt Herndon, County Commissioner Jamie DeLoach, Sewon Vice Chairman Andy Kim, Rincon City Manager Jonathan Lynn, Rincon City Councilmember Mona Underwood, Eugene Kim, IDA Vice President Jessica Hood, Rincon City Councilmember Michelle Taylor, and County Commissioner Roger Burdette. (Submitted photo.)

Special to the Herald

Rincon -- A delegation of nine representatives from the City of Rincon, Effingham County Board of Commissioners, and Effingham County Industrial Development Authority recently completed a visit to South Korea, hosted by Sewon Group. The visit from May 5-11, aimed to foster collaboration, exchange insights, and strengthen ties between the entities in Effingham County and the prominent South Korean industrial conglomerate.

During their visit, the delegation had the privilege of touring Sewon's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Daegu, South Korea. This firsthand experience provided insights into Sewon's cutting-edge operations and technological advancements, both of which will be at the forefront of their newest facility in Rincon.

“We are grateful to Sewon Group for the opportunity to visit a central hub of their operations in South Korea,” says Kevin Exley, mayor pro tem of Rincon. “It was amazing to see all of the robotics and automation that they employ in this facility; and learn more about their plans for the new plant in Rincon.”

Key highlights of the visit included meetings with the senior leadership team of Sewon Group, including Vice Chairman Eugene Kim and Vice Chairman Andy Kim. These discussions centered on exploring potential avenues for mutually beneficial partnerships and enhancing cooperation between Effingham County and Sewon Group.

Moreover, the delegation had the honor of meeting with Sewon Heroes, further deepening their understanding of Sewon's corporate culture and commitment to excellence. This gathering not only facilitated networking opportunities, but also allowed for the exchange of perspectives on the potential for collaboration in the future.

Exley at Sewon plant
Sewon Vice Chairman Andy Kim (left) talks with Rincon Mayor Pro Tem Kevin Exley during the plant tour. (Submitted photos.)
The delegation also had the opportunity to enjoy the rich cultural heritage of South Korea through visits to cultural sites including a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These immersive experiences provided a glimpse into South Korea's history and traditions, further fostering cultural appreciation and understanding.

The hospitality extended by Sewon Group's representatives, including local contacts Nate Jung and Hooni Baek of Sewon America’s LaGrange plant, exemplified the warmth and generosity of the hosts throughout the visit.

Reflecting on the trip, Roger Burdette, vice chairman of the Effingham County Board of Commissioners, remarked, "Our visit to South Korea has been incredibly enlightening and productive. I was especially impressed with the high level of technical expertise and the programs implemented to foster powerful employee relations within the company. We are deeply grateful to Sewon Group for their warm hospitality and insightful discussions. This experience has undoubtedly strengthened the bonds between the county and city, as well as the Sewon Group, and has opened doors to new opportunities for collaboration."

The conclusion of this visit underscores the commitment of the City of Rincon, Effingham County Board of Commissioners, Effingham County Industrial Development Authority and Sewon Group to fostering cross-cultural exchanges and forging lasting partnerships for mutual prosperity.

"Through this enriching visit, we've not only witnessed the impressive advancements of Sewon Group, but also laid the groundwork for a future marked by collaboration, innovation, and shared success,” says Exley.  “Our sincere gratitude goes to Sewon Group for their warm hospitality and vision for partnership.”