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Effingham County Sheriff's Office reports Dec. 1
Crime scene tape


· Ravian Johnson, Highway 21 – aggressive driving and criminal trespass

· Matthew Jarrell, Highway 21 South – speeding in excess of maximum limits and driving under the influence of alcohol

· Jason Grant, Highway 21 – wanted person (warrant service)

· Ryan Smith, Old Marlow Road – theft by taking (felony)

· Teaire Washington, Old River Road – possession of firearm or knife during commission of a crime, possession of firearms by convicted felons and first offenders, possession and use of drug related objects and manufacture/deliver/administer/sell/possess wild synthetic

· Mr. Watson, Courthouse Road – damage to county property (citation)


· Highway 21 South – A convenience store cashier stated that a woman left her wallet on the counter.

· Bay Lane – A man advised that his girlfriend had stolen money from his account while he was in jail.

· Fox Street – A woman stated that her husband had been harassing her over the phone and in person.

· Riverside Drive – A woman stated that she was in a dispute with her daughter over her living arrangements.

· South Laurel Street – A man stated that his protective vest had gone missing while he was moving.

· Old Augusta Road South – An intoxicated man allowed his dog to attack a police officer on his property.

· Noel C Conaway Road – A man stated that he found an abandoned dog inside a kennel on the side of the road.

· Mustang Drive – A man stated that his ex-wife broke the top of the stove in his place of residence.

· Sixth Street – A man stated that his neighbor’s employees had been driving through his yard at a high rate of speed.

· Mustang Drive – A man stated that his former wife had become belligerent after he served her eviction papers.

· Green Paddock Circle – A woman stated that she got into a fight with her husband over their child.

· Possum Trail – A man stated that his neighbor had been suspiciously prowling around the neighborhood.

· Ebenezer Road – A woman stated that someone hit her dog with their car in her driveway and didn’t report it.

· McCall Road – A storage manager stated that two motorhomes were stolen from his facility by an unknown person.

· Benjamin Gnann Road – A man stated that a vehicle was stolen from his lot sometime during the night.

· Blair Way – A woman stated that her nephew took her vehicle from her property and failed to return it to her.

· Highway 21 South – A woman stated that her vehicle broke down in the middle of a turning lane.

· Highway 80 – A woman stated that her boyfriend had overdosed on heroin in the early morning hours.

· Newton Road – A woman stated that she accidently hit a dog that ran in front of her vehicle while driving down the road.

· Highway 21 South – A gas station employee stated that a customer had shoplifted from the store.