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Effingham County Sheriff's Office reports June 12
crime reports


· Maria, Whitehall Avenue – simple battery (family violence)

· James, Oconee Avenue – disorderly conduct (county ordnance)

· Keith Viets, Elkins Cemetery Road – simple battery (family violence)

· Joshua Garner, Harley Road – safety belt violation for 18-year-old and older and possession of marijuana less than one ounce

· Rondell Neal, Midland Road – driving under the influence of alcohol and failure to maintain lane

· Barnett Williams, Highway 119 South – speeding in excess of maximum limits and possession of a schedule I controlled substance

· Dante Capers, Archer Road – wanted person (warrant service)

· William Andrew Daenzer, Old River Road – no insurance (citation)

· Dallas Williams, Blandford Road – driving while license suspended or revoked (felony)

· Michael Ebensperger, Migledorff Way – failure to maintain lane and driving under the influence of alcohol


· Cottonwood Drive – A woman stated that the father of her unborn child made lactations on her shoulders and exposed her breasts during an altercation.

· Goshen Road – A woman advised that her intoxicated neighbor threatened to beat her up for parking in her spot.

· Hunter Chase Drive – A woman stated that someone had used her personal information to rent an apartment in her name.

· Interstate 16 West – A man stated that his vehicle became disabled after it was struck by an unknown object that flew off a trailer.

· Farrington Circle – A woman stated that her husband locked her out of their bedroom during an argument over their daughter’s friend.

· First Street Extension – A man stated that an acquaintance was refusing to pay him for work that he had done because of a dispute.

· Burnt Tree Drive – A woman stated that an unknown individual stole her license plate from her vehicle.

· Lemans Drive – A woman stated that she had felt threatened by comments made by the father of her child.

· Log Landing Road – A man stated that his mother had sprayed air freshener in his face during an argument.

· Cobblestone Drive – A man stated that an acquaintance had made threats against him because of the man’s relationship with the acquaintance’s ex-girlfriend.

· Rincon Stillwell Road – Two women stated that their neighbor’s dog charged at them in an aggressive manner.

· Caribbean Village Drive – A woman stated that a trash truck hit her car and damaged it while it was parked in her neighborhood.

· First Street Extension – A woman stated that her ex-husband was not picking up their children at the requested time.

· Ranch Road – A man stated that he and his wife had gotten into a dispute over their internet service.

· Sandstone Court – Two women stated that they got into an argument with each other over $200 that had gone missing.

· Highway 21 South – A man stated that he and his girlfriend engaged in horseplay after the girlfriend locked her keys in her car.

· Hutchenson Lane – A woman stated that unknown individuals had gone under her house and were doing drugs.

· Low Ground Road – A man stated that someone stole two pieces of plywood from a construction site that he was working at.

· Ebenezer Road – A construction worker stated that a trucker damaged several barrels and barriers while driving down the road.

· Huger Street – A man stated that his ex-wife went onto his property without his permission and stalked him.

· Courthouse Road – A woman stated that she got into an altercation with her boyfriend over an ex-boyfriend.

· Beauregard Boulevard – A man stated that he found an ATV in the woods and did not know who it belonged to.