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Effingham students serve as pages during trip to Capitol Building

Students from Effingham County High School, South Effingham High School and Ebenezer Middle School got an opportunity to learn more about how the government works at the state-level last week when they served as pages for state politicians at the Capitol Building in Atlanta as part of Effingham Day at the Capitol.

Trevan Heichel, MaKenzie Howard, Alex Royal, Saralyn Helmly, Anna Snooks, Alexis Ricker and Graham Metzger found themselves traversing the grounds of the Capitol as they served as pages, doing various tasks and learning a thing or two about politics and government along the way.

Each student had the honor to page for Representative Jon Burns on Monday, Jan. 23 and Tuesday, Jan. 24. 

While at the State Capitol, the students delivered notes from constituents, lobbyists and other individuals and guests to Representatives on the House floor.

The students were also able to meet Gov. Nathan Deal and Rep. Bill Hitchens and have their picture taken with both.

This was a great opportunity for the students that will no doubt stick with them as they continue their academic careers.