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Effingham woman attends Trump's Inauguration

While millions of people around the world watched newly inaugurated President Donald Trump take the Oath of Office in front of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., one of Effingham County’s very own was there to witness the event live in person.

Brittany Dasher, a resident of Springfield, made the trip to our Nation’s Capital to see an event that takes place just once every four years.

It was a trip unlike any other; one Dasher knew she wanted to take.

“I got an invitation – if you were a Trump delegate, you were invited,” Dasher said. “I was a delegate to the National Convention in July and a bunch of us Georgia delegates said that if Trump won in November that we were going to go. On Election Night in November, when they announced that Trump had won Wisconsin, I immediately got on the phone and made my reservations for the Inauguration.”

This was not Dasher’s first visit to D.C. but it was unlike any other trip she had previously taken.

“I’ve been to Washington, D.C. in the past – a march on Washington with the Tea Party and a couple of times for field trips and family vacations – but the whole atmosphere during the Inauguration was different,” Dasher said. “Security was more hyped up.”

Dasher explained that the security presence was unlike anything she had ever seen.

“You would see the Capital Police and the Secret Service constantly flying drones and helicopters over your head,” Dasher said. “Guys with sniper rifles were on every building – it was a little bit different than any other time I’ve been.”

While the security was heightened, so was the excitement.

“There was a lot of excitement,” Dasher said. “I was kind of nervous because of all of the protesting. I was a little worried about someone starting something with the supporters but thank God that didn’t happen. It was exciting.”

Along with getting to see the Inauguration ceremony take place, Dasher was also able to go to the Liberty Ball, something usually reserved for large donors.

“We went to the Liberty Ball on Friday night but unlike previous times, Trump did things different,” Dasher said. “In the past, they had the Military Ball and what I call the ‘Who-you-know ball’ – it’s a $50,000 donation to get in. Trump said that this year, he wanted somebody like me who worked hard for the party to be able to attend.”

Dasher explained that while she enjoyed getting to attend the Liberty Ball, the most exciting thing for her was a little more low-key.

“I would say that my favorite part was going to the National Cathedral Prayer Service,” Dasher said. “That was cool because it was toned down. Also, getting to see and hear President Trump recite the Oath of Office in person.”