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Empty Stocking Fund drive getting under way
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It is time to think about the families and children in Effingham County that are facing “cupboard is bare” Christmas. Times are hard and many families are just getting by.  Reggie Loper, chair of the Exchange Club Empty Stocking Fund, reminds citizens that it is time to get into the spirit of Christmas and do for others.

The Effingham Empty Stocking Fund has for years helped fill the gap for children and families at Christmas time.

“We are faced this year with growing needs around us. We all need to dip down and help those that are in need,” said Loper.

There are families where the breadwinner has been laid off and out of work. There are those families with tragedies that have strapped the family for cash. There are those who have family health issues that require huge expenditures of money. Simply said, there are many in need for a variety of reasons, Loper said.

The Empty Stocking Fund is a cooperative effort between the Exchange Club and the Effingham Department of Family and Children Services and the citizens of the county. Families may apply for these funds through the DFCS, who will distribute letters of credit that may be used at local businesses to help fill Christmas needs.

No contributions are used in the administration of the fund, purchases of toys, clothing and food are the general areas where the funds may utilized. None of the funds may be used to buy tobacco products or alcoholic products.