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Empty Stocking Fund has something in it for Effingham County
Salvation Army Empty Stocking Fund
Elizabeth Waters
Elizabeth Waters - photo by Photo submitted

SPRINGFIELD — The Salvation Army of Savannah’s Empty Stocking Fund has something in it for 100 Effingham County families.

And to make it even better, United Way Area Director Elizabeth Waters is eager to help them get it.

“In the past, they haven’t had a lot of participation from Effingham County for this assistance,” Waters said.

 Waters said it is likely that won’t be the case this year because of numerous needs precipitated by the ongoing pandemic. She expects more people will need help buying toys, food and clothing during the Christmas season.

“Because of COVID-19, they are doing their applications online this year,” Waters said. “We know that people may need assistance with doing that, especially because they have to attach the supporting documentation. They verify income and things like that so — if anyone needs any help filling out the application online or scanning and putting documents in — they can come to us at United Way (711 Zitterour Drive, Rincon).”

United Way isn’t involved in the approval process, Waters said.

“That’s all Salvation Army,” she said.

The application process isn’t the only thing about the Salvation Army of Savannah’s Empty Stocking Fund that has been made more convenient for Effingham County residents.

“Once people are approved, they will be notified of their time to come pick up their items,” Waters said. “We are scheduling all the pickups for Effingham County to come to United Way Service Center in Rincon instead of having to go all the way to Savannah. The pickup day for Effingham County will be Dec. 21.”

Waters noted that this is the first year that United Way-Effingham County has partnered with the Salvation Army of Savannah in this manner.

“Before, we just shared that they were offering assistance to families and left it up to them to go directly through the Salvation Army,” Waters explained.

Applicants, who must fit within 125 percent of 2020 HHS poverty guidelines, will need a valid photo ID, proof of residence and proof of need (Section I or HUD lease documents, Medicaid eligibility letter, current benefits letter, etc.). 

For more information, contact Waters at (912) 826-5897 or