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Fights could lead to charges
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A domestic dispute between a group of friends led to two violent confrontations and also may lead to felony charges.

Amber Oliver and Kagnie Jeffries of Bloomingdale, Harry Johnson of Springfield, and Gregory Baker, Jeffrey Davies and Christopher Grissom of Rincon were involved in the altercations, according to police reports. They range in age from 18 to early 20s.

On June 12 in the Goshen Hills subdivision, deputies responded to a fight at the end of Huger Street.
Apparently, according to police reports, Oliver, Jeffries and Jeffries’ 2-year-old son were headed to Davies’ home when Grissom, Jeffries’ ex-boyfriend, and Johnson began following them.

The females continued on to Davies’ residence. Once they arrived, Grissom stopped his car and began blowing his horn. Oliver drove down to the end of Huger Street and stopped. Grissom followed with Baker and Davies joining in their vehicle.

Grissom got out of his Mitsubishi Mirage and began beating Davies with a golf club. However, Davies was able to wrestle it from him.

Oliver and Jeffries drove off during the fight; Grissom followed them. He ran her off the road and into a ditch. She hit a trash can, which slightly damaged her car, a white Honda.

Grissom threatened Oliver and Jeffries and struck the side of Oliver’s car. When Davies and Baker arrived to the scene Grissom left.

On Wednesday around 2:30 p.m., Investigator John Bradley interviewed some of the individuals about the fight on Tuesday night. Afterward, the group ran into each other at the Goshen Corner convenience store at the intersection of Highway 21 and Goshen Road.

“They just coincidentally came across each other,” Bradley said, dismissing the assumption that the attack was planned.

The males began fighting in the parking lot resulting in several calls to the sheriff’s office.

“We received multiple 911 calls on this fight,” said Capt. Mike Bohannon.

He noted that by the violent confrontation taking place at a place of business where there were customers and in the middle of the day many people were affected by the brawl.

Deputies responded after the arrival of Rincon police. One deputy found 26 grams of marijuana in one of the individual’s vehicle.

The alleged offenders were arrested and taken to the Effingham County Jail to be booked.

The group potentially faces a felony charge from the first fight. Investigators are still investigating the matter. They face only misdemeanor charges from Wednesday’s fight. However, no charges have been made, yet.

Some of them already have a criminal record.

No one was seriously injured from either confrontation. As of Friday morning all but one of the alleged offenders had been released from the Effingham County Jail.